13 Things That Prove You’re A Pro At Adulting

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The other day, my boyfriend and I were discussing renting, buying houses, growing up, and he said to me: “You realise you’re an adult now, don’t you?”

Ew. An adult. Yes, at the ripe ol’ age of 24 I suppose I have to accept I have fallen into this category, but I take on the label begrudgingly. Despite having moved out long ago and fended for myself for even longer, in my head I’m still that clueless teen just stumbling through life with one accidental small win after another. 

I’ve realised that’s all adulthood is. I was chatting to my 19-year old sister the other day and she was saying she’s not sure what she’s doing in life but she’s just giving it a good go for now. And that’s what it’s all about. You can ask for all the advice and read all of the top tips manuals, but let’s be honest – we’re all bloody winging it. 

We are all guilty of giving ourselves a hard time about not saving enough, achieving enough, eating too much, not exercising enough, but here are 13 things that prove you’re winging this adulting thing pretty damn well…

1. Having your breakfast and packed lunch ready the night before, in separate tupperware boxes. Alright, mum.

2. Still being able to afford cheese at the end of the month (unlike the uni days…)

3. Having a salary wing its way into your account every month, meaning you can pay rent, transport yourself around and, you know, have fun occasionally.

4. Your direct debits come out of your account hassle free without Vodafone emailing you saying your payment has bounced.

5. You understand what a pension is and you’re paying into one, ready for when you’re a wrinkly (HELP).

6. You don’t wait up til 12.01am on payday to do a £200 ASOS order.

7. You’ve got a job that’s at least kind of  in the field you’d always planned to work in and you’re pretty damn good at it. Go you.

8. You’re more comfortable in your skin than you were ten years ago, because you realise you’re lucky have arms to hug and legs to walk, and that jelly belly really isn’t the end of the world (and it’s super cuddly anyway).

9. You buy alcohol you like, not just because it’s £3.99 for a litre.

10. You know cereal isn’t really an acceptable dinner, but it’s likely to slip into the meal plan every so often amongst all those casseroles and chillis you’ve perfected making from scratch.

11. You happily put practicality in front of anything else, because this girl only has one back and you can laugh all you want at my Dora the Explorer backpack.

12. You’re really into hot beverages, and are known to say things like “I was craving a cup of tea that whole journey” or “a cup of tea will sort it all out”.

13. You actually get excited at the thought of plant shopping AND you can keep them alive for at least a month. ‘Ello Mrs Titchmarsh. 

Gold stars all round!


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