11 Things That Make Me Happy

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1. Slow weekend mornings with my manfriend, watching TV in our pjs and drinking tea

2. The buzzing feeling after a tough workout

3. Cooking and baking for other people (and getting great feedback!)

4. Light evenings and the feeling of Spring creeping up on us. Alternately, crisp Autumn days when the leaves are colourful and a woolly hat is essential

5. Having lots of fun things to look forward to – days out with family, meals with friends, city breaks with anyone!

6. Getting a pat on the back at work when you’ve tried really hard on a project

7. Summer picnics in the park with my sisters, when we laugh til we cry and eat too many Pringles

8. Small gestures of kindness – a stranger holding a door open, surprise acts of affection, someone helping you out just because

9. Exploring new places and accidentally discovering ones you didn’t know existed

10. Reminiscing with old photos

11. Brighton. The seafront, the pier at sunset, the narrow lanes, the seagulls who try to steal your ice cream, the kooky people who are comfortable in their own skin, the trinket-filled little shops (guess where I am in this photo?!)


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