Relaunching my blog!

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‘Relaunch’ may be a little generous for my teeny tiny corner of the internet, but here we are! After almost four months without a single blog post and, let’s face it, almost a year of neglect, I’m excited to reveal my new look site!

The design isn’t the only new thing around these ends. When I started blogging almost four years ago, I was obsessed with all things beauty and I’d spend my last tenner on a bronzer given the chance. Ain’t youngsters funny?

Needless to say I’ve grown up a bit now and while I still love me a good beauty read, I only have one face! I’m relaunching as a lifestyle blog, full to the rafters with posts about trips away, days out, fooooooood, lists and just about anything that’s on my mind. I’ll still have a sprinkling of beauty posts too, don’t worry lipstick lovers!

After a flirt with YouTube, I’m not sure it’s for me, not for now at least. Juggling blogging, filming and editing a weekly video, a full time job plus social commitments isn’t fun and putting too much pressure on myself is one of the reasons I ended up neglecting most of my platforms this year. More on that soon!

For now I hope you enjoy exploring my new site, which will (of course) have a spattering of festive posts in the coming weeks. Let me know what you like and what you think could do with a little more work – I’m open to constructive criticism!


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