9 Ways To Cheer Yourself Up After A Crappy Day

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It’s okay to admit when you’ve had a pretty pants day. It happens to us all – anything can happen to tip us over the edge and make us feel like there’s a grey cloud following us around. The important thing to remember is it’s just one day – these things happen! Here are 9 ways to snap out of a bad mood, ready for the rest of a better week!

1. Rant about it

Someone pissed you off at work? While you may have to bite your tongue for the sake of the office environment, you are free to unleash out of hours. Be it your mum, your boyfriend or your best friend, venting your frustration is like slowly deflating a (raging) balloon. Same goes for if you’re feeling down. Let it go, let it gooooooo!

2. Get outside

Being cooped up inside can add to tension. Grab your coat and scarf and get pounding those pavements. It’s a BEAUTIFUL time of year (seriously, you should see the amount of leafy photos on my phone) and I’m a strong believer that a bit of fresh air cures almost anything.

3. Treat yo’self

Retail therapy does work. Give yourself a small budget and set out to turn that frown upside down. A £10 limit means you won’t regret an emotion-fuelled purchase, so head down to Primark and stock up on fluffy slippers and socks covered in elves, or binge buy some trashy magazines. That leads me on to…

4. Distractions

Sometimes we can get so wrapped up in the bad part of our day that it’s hard to think of anything else. Distractions are your friends when you get to this point – magazines, a good book or a binge-worthy series on Netflix are to the rescue. Get under that duvet and get switched off.

5. Sweat it out

Even if you hate exercise, it’s hard to deny that sweating your nuts off isn’t a tension release. Even if you feel like flopping on your bed never to rise again, that level of energy usage is therapy in the form of a smelly sports bra!

6. Get in the kitchen

Whether you get a kick out of a sweet treat or love rustling up something a little more nutritious, no one can deny that food brings a strange form of happiness to a day (other than my boyfriend, who simply eats to exist and famously once questioned ‘why do bitches eat when they’re sad?’) 

I am a master baker (heh) and love getting my hands in a bowl of batter. There’s something so satisfying about starting with a pile of ingredients and creating a (tasty) finished product… Just me?

7. Hug it out

It’s okay to cry. Everyone’s been there, and sometimes the only way you can feel better is to let it all out. Grab your other half or best friend for a shoulder to moisten.

8. Plan ahead

Having something to look forward to can change your perspective of the current moment. I don’t know how many times I’ve had a crappy day at work and then think to myself ‘just one more day til the weekend and that fun day out!’ Get on Google, pull that diary out and get scheduling!

9. Look at the positives

I have a five-year memory diary called ‘One Line A Day’ (which you can read more about here) that encourages you to write a single positive sentence about your day. When you look past the negative parts, you often realise there were many more pluses – be it your colleague telling you you’re doing a great job, your nan writing you a letter or a stranger being polite. Life is that little bit better when you look on the bright side!

What’s your top tip for letting go of a gloomy day?


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