8 Things That Instantly Make You Feel Festive

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In case you didn’t realise, iiiit’s Chriiiiiiistmaaaaas! Well, almost. With just a fortnight and a bit to go we are well into the festive season, but it’s hard to get into the spirit when you’re still tied to your desk all week, pining after that sweet Christmas break when it’s okay to eat chocolate coins for breakfast. Here are eight things that give you a instant hit of festive frivolity, no matter how hard you fight it!

1. Feeeeeeed theeeeee worrrrrrrld (etc)

I’m an advocate of Heart Xmas in November (something I was keen to push in my office), but now is the perfect time to pull out that trusty festive CD. Yes, a CD, that round shiny disk with a hole in the middle. Remember? No matter how hard you fight it, as soon as a merry tune sneaks its way into your ears, it climbs into your brain and nestles comfortably for the month to come. 

2. The words ‘let’s open the Heroes’

Which tub of chocolates to buy is a hotly debated subject in all households. Heroes? Roses? Celebrations? Devastation ensues if your favourite doesn’t make the big shop, but then along comes nan to save the day with yet another kilogram of sugary goodness.

3. When the first Christmas card arrives

Here was me thinking I was all organised writing my Christmas cards in November, but they remain on my chest of drawers still naked of stamps, bugger. My first card landed on my doormat on the 1st and that’s when you know shit is getting real!

4. Wafts of festive baking

Sure, six dozen mince pies for a family of four is a little extreme, but who’s to deny anyone a little Christmas baking fun? Mince pies, stollen, cheese twists, gingerbread, mmmmmm my jeans are feeling snug just thinking about it. Festive recipes coming soon!

5. You vs 100,000 Christmas shoppers

Nothing says Christmas like queueing for two hours to get your sister’s name printed on a jar of Nutella. Pre-planning is crucial to stress free Christmas shopping success and good lord does it feel good when all those recipients are ticked off the list. That leads me to…

6. Wrapping presents with all body parts

Once the very important task of decided a colour scheme is complete, wrapping is about as festive as it gets. That is, if the gift is a perfect square. Anything else and you will find yourself holding the wrapping paper in perfect position with your toe while you try to find the end of the sellotape. 

7. Sweet cinnamon loving

Candles, biscuits, tea, incense, tree decorations, BREATH. Give me all of that sweet cinnamon goodness.

8. Planz planz planz

December is hands down the busiest month of the social calendar. After eleven months of lying low, suddenly everyone wants to see you and scheduling it all in feels like doing a puzzle with too many pieces. Moaning Mildred episodes aside, it feels really blooming lovely when you finally get to see all those ugly mugs. Ahhh, Christmas.


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