Turning 24

I remember being at school and 24 years old sounded comparable to being a dinosaur. Little did I realise back then that not too much changes in that brain of yours but expectations of others up their game. Being in your twenties is a weird little period in life where everyone expects you to have your shit together and make all the big decisions that impact the rest of your life when really, you’re still happy making a den on Sundays and eating pick ‘n’ mix for dinner.

23 was a big year for me and now I finally feel like I’m settling within myself much more than 12 months ago, it feels so good!! Thanks to a super supportive other half and amazing friends and family I’m finally feeling more like the optimistic little egg I used to be.

It was my birthday last week and I had the best time. I took two days off from work and headed to Wimbledon aka the dream with my manfriend. I’ve always loved tennis and have wanted to go for years. We were lucky enough to go to centre court and see Federer, Serena Williams and Murray play – soooo lucky!! It was great to wander around all of the courts and take it all in, to me it’s so different in the flesh than how it looks on TV. ‘Henman Hill’ is basically a lump in reality, much smaller than it seems!

The next day was my actual birthday and upon realising we were being blessed with a glimpse of sunshine, we headed down to West Wittering beach. Close to Chichester, this is my favourite sandy beach I’ve been to in the UK and is just beautiful. As it was a Tuesday it was almost empty and the tide went so far out you could barely see the sea. Such a lovely little day!

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I wonder what 24 will bring for me?! I like the number 24 so I have high hopes…


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