The Life Changing Lemon Drizzle Cake Recipe

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…Okay, life changing may be a little extreme but this is serious hitting-all-the-spots-plus-that-mythical-one material *aubergine*

I’ve made this lemon drizzle cake recipe a few times now, including for a work charity bake off and for my manfriend’s family, and have received a strong round of thumbs up. Give this a go as your Sunday baking mission and treat yourself all week, because why bloody not?


225g self raising flour

225g butter

225g caster sugar

4 eggs

Grated zest for 1.5 lemons

For the drizzle…

Juice from 1.5 lemons

100g caster sugar

1. Beat together the butter and sugar and when thick and creamy, add the eggs one at a time

2. Sift in the flour and then mix in the lemon zest until evenly combined

3. Pop in the oven on 180C for 50 minutes, or when lightly brown

4. While leaving to cool in the tin for around 15 minutes, mix together the drizzle topping ingredients

5. Stab the loaf all over with a fork and then pour the mixture over. It may seem strange and watery but it will soon crystallise to a delicious drizzle and provide a maximum citrus hit!

Easy peasy and the perfect throw-it-all-in bake – if you decide to give this a go, be sure to tweet me a photo @kirstiepicker!

What’s your favourite bake at the moment?


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