The Face SPF/Primer Dream You Need To Try

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Even before my days of obsessing over every beauty page in a magazine and ripping them out for later reference, I have known that it’s important to wear SPF on your face. I’ve always had it drilled into my mind that if you dodge that skin protector, your face will look like a blend of a scrunched up paper bag and a decades-old leather sofa by the time you’re 50. Thanks for the head up, Joan Collins.

That being said, finding the perfect SPF for your face is no easy task. As I have combination skin, I find that many offerings on the market amp up the oil factor on my T-zone and believe me, that doesn’t need any assistance!

Enter Eucerin’s Face Sun Fluid in SPF 30. Bit of a mouthful eh? I never hear anyone raving about this brand and I don’t know why – it’s perfect for those with sensitive skin but offers a breadth of products for every skin type. In the past I’ve raved about a few of their products, which you can catch up with here.

But back to the matter at hand… This is almost watery in consistency, non-greasy, water resistant and feels silky when applying. A 1p-sized amount suffices for your whole face, creating an instant glow that isn’t sticky and doesn’t smell at all. Finally. I’m all for that suncream-scent that takes us back to our favourite beach holidays but when it’s on my face ready for a day at my desk – nah.

A more than welcome added bonus is its primer-like qualities. I’ve noticed my makeup has been lasting much longer than this, even keeping that pesky T-zone matte that little bit longer. Not bad for a product on offer that I picked up on a whim, aye?

What is your favourite SPF for your face?


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