Going Crazy Loco For Pinterest

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As a self-confessed social media addict, I have been ashamedly slow on the Pinterest bandwagon. I’ve had an account for quite a while but would absent-mindedly pin pretty things when someone linked to their page and then forget about the platform for another month. Not now sistahs.

For want of a less dramatic word, I have become obsessed. I am a pin slut. If someone handed me a mortgage deposit tomorrow (come on, you know you want to) I could deck out the perfect beautiful home. I mean, with the help of a good six-figure sum I could… But isn’t that part of the fun, pinning away inspiration for your perfect home, wardrobe or holidays like it’s a tangible reality?

I’ve been using Pinterest predominantly for home inspiration, dividing each room with its own board – who knew I wanted hanging lights over the kitchen table? And white rectangular tiles on the kitchen walls like a Scandi dream? Wooden worktop? Go on then.

I’ve also got a board each for style and beauty and on a particular manic evening I created a wedding one but let’s hope a certain person doesn’t see that…

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