A Brow Dupe: The Archery vs The Wiz

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The last few years has seen a spike in eyebrow focus – I blame Miss Delevingne! There are some true felt tip brow horrors and an abundance of colour mismatching, so the beauty market picked up on the interest and released a whole load of new brow products.

As a teenager I overplucked the centre of my brows but other than that, I’m blessed with a pretty good pair of slugs. After trialling a few different products, I decided waxy products are my preference as they are especially long lasting and a defined nib means it’s easy to be precise when filling in any gaps.

Anastasia’s Brow Wiz received a huuuuge amount of hype in the beauty world and with good reason. The tiny nib is perfect for those who don’t need to do much work on their brows, the waxy formula is easy to work with and the spooly on the opposite end is perfect for brushing through and making it look more natural. 

I use the shade soft brown and it can be bought for £15.50 (plus p&p) at Cult Beauty. As it’s online only in the UK it’s a pain in the bum to get hold of, especially if you unexpectedly run out. Insert the dupe…

Soap & Glory’s Brow Archery has been doing the rounds of intrigue online but it hasn’t received much hype. It’s essentially exactly the same as it’s Anastasia counterpart – the nib, the retractable design, the packaging and the spooly are all identical. The colour range is more limited for the Brow Archery (only two shades in fact) but I found hot chocolate is the perfect shade dupe for me. At £8 a pop from Boots, this is much more purse and access friendly – tick tick tick.

What are your opinions on these two brow products?


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