What’s The Deal With Sheet Masks?

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I have to start off by apologising for the photo of me in one of the masks as it is potentially one of the most arousing sights you will ever feast your eyes upon, soz.

As someone who’s pretty obsessive about skincare, it seems strange I’ve never really tried sheet masks. I have combination skin but a hideously oily T-Zone so when it comes to masks I usually veer towards charcoal-based formulas to suck all that grease out of ma face (fit).

Alex Steinherr (GLAMOUR’s beauty director) raves about sheet masks every Sunday when she does her weekly facial routine on Snapchat, so I picked up Starskin’s Brightening Facial Mask and MaskerAide’s Detox Diva Mask from Selfridges Beauty Hall.

I tried out Starskin’s offering first (pictured). It claims to help brighten your skin and is bio-cellulose, which is a natural material used to bind with the skin, initially created to aid recovery for burn victims. It claims to help penetrate ingredients into the skin while also creating a protective barrier, magic eh? Getting this out of the sachet and slapping it on my face was messy as they are soaked in serum and quite honestly, the texture feels like (how I imagine…) stretching a condom over your face. 

After 20 minutes application, it had half dried and my skin really did feel plumped and looked brighter when I peeled it off – how?! I think this was around £8 and well worth the pennies if your skin is looking dull and needs a little boost.

MaskerAide’s Detox Diva offering claims to cleanse, exfoliate and detoxify and contains all natural ingredients aimed at addressing each. I wasn’t as keen on this one – it slipped down my face during application and didn’t seem to do too much to my skin. The material was much thicker than the Starskin mask, more papery in consistency, and comparing the two I much prefer the former.

My little dabble into sheet masks has left me feeling inquisitive – I just picked up Hydraluron’s offering so watch this space!

What do you think about sheet masks?


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