The Ultimate Drink For Your Hair

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There always seem to be some kind of health food bandwagon everyone jumps on – kale has had its moment and now it seems impossible to consume an avocado without parading it on Instagram.

Coconut oil was never something that was on my radar until I started seeing people raving about its teeth whitening benefits. Of course it’s a healthy option for cooking but as someone who is very obsessive about oral hygiene and the appearance of my teeth, I mounted this bandwagon immediately and picked up this whopper on a tub in Tesco. FYI – using this for whitening is disgusting. It’s recommended to swish a lump of this around your mouth for 20 minutes… I actually gagged after about two. Awful.

Anyway, less of the gagging and more of how you should slather your hair in this. My favourite use for this little multi-functional cupboard dweller is as a natural and intense hair mask for really dry hair. My hair seems to have suddenly become desert-dry and the flyaways are ruining my life (slight exaggeration). 

I read up online about the best methods to use it as a mask and they seemed to make a mountain out of a molehill so I just went for it – I scooped lump out, let it warm slightly in my hand and then slapped it on my dry hair, avoiding the crown (it may be worth noting that coconut oil is a solid in its container – something I didn’t know). I left it for around 45 minutes and then washed it off – I double shampooed and skipped the conditioner as I’d heard greasy horror stories online. 

It left my hair feeling very soft and hydrated for a few days but this isn’t a long term treatment – we all know the best cure for dry hair is avoiding those bloody GHDs!!

What is your favourite use for coconut oil?


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