The Small Bedroom Wishlist

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As you may or may not know, I recently moved out and I am now closer to London! (Huzzaaaah, a 30 minute commute!) While I love my cosy little abode, my bedroom really is on the small side. While this means I can’t go crazy on elaborate sexy storage, dressing tables of dreams or just about anything that takes up much more than a square feet of space (one day people, one day) I’ve picked out some items I’m coveting that might just have to make an appearance come payday…

(Clockwise from top left)

Jo Malone Sweet Almond & Macaroon Home Candle, £42 here

While I may have a new job as well as a new roof over my head, I’m not sure if I’m quite at the stage where I can comfortably splash out this sum on a candle but I have been lusting after this for a long time and errrrr you only move out once, right?! (wrong). I expect to receive a reality check text from my mother if she sees this. But gimme.

Wilko Fairy Lights with timer, £15 here

Although fairy lights are the ultimate blogger/Pinterest cliche, I am a sucker for the cute stuff. My room has really high ceilings and a sloped roof above my bed, so I’m envisaging some sweet fairy light action in some form or another for nice cosy nights in (alone). I’m also thinking they will add a little somethin’ somethin’ in the background to videos and blog photos.

Next Cotton Sateen Ochre Watercolour Floral Bedset, £45 for a double here

That’s a bit of a mouthful eh? In terms of a colour scheme for my room, I’m currently loving grey/lavender and cream designs with splashes of colour and this ticks all the boxes. I love the floral print and the versatility of differing designs on each side *heart eye emoji*

IKEA Cacti pack of three, £4.50 here

Oh cacti, how I can’t explain my love for thee. Really though, why do we all like them so much? They’re literally pricks. There’s just something about how cute they are in their little coloured pots that turns on my maternal instinct to nurture. Kate from gh0stparties, aka the ultimate home design inspo blog, does nothing but fuel the urge.

IKEA Ingolf Stool, £20 here

Linking back to my comment on fairy lights, I really am planning to get my butt in gear with YouTube. I posted my first video around five weeks ago but with the upheaval of both moving and switching jobs since, keeping up my blog has been demanding enough without finding appropriate times and places to film. Now I’m all settled, I have the perfect filming setup ready and just need something to sit on. Simples.

IKEA Svira Storage Box, £8 here

Storage is hardly the most exciting of purchases but one of the most essential for a bedroom. I’ve got lots of space on top of my wardrobe and am currently storing bits and bobs (and underwear oi oi) in clear plastic boxes up there. I like this because it goes with the colour scheme I have in mind and it comes with a lid, bonus! I’ll take three plz.

Where do you like to shop for homeware?


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