Skincare For The Shopping List #3

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Here we are again for the third instalment of skincare fangirling. Two cleansers, a dreamboat face mask and that tester that I’ll probably never be able to afford…

Clarins Daily Energizer Cleansing Gel

I picked this up at duty free on the way home from my trip to Barcelona and since then it seemed to get lost amongst the apocalyptic mess that is my skincare drawer. This cleanser is quite sticky in consistency and therefore needs removing with a flannel – I would say this would work best for drier skin. I use this in the morning before applying make up as it leaves a hydrated, moisturised base.

Clinique Turnaround Revitalizing Instant Facial

It’s easy to fall into the routine of skipping face masks because we feel we don’t have time for them but this is a five minute, does the job kinda product. The mask has tiny granules so it doubles up as an exfoliant when removing with warm water, but isn’t horribly abrasive like many facial scrubs. It leaves the skin feeling clean and tight and is oil free – love.

Cetaphil Gentle Skin Cleanser

This cleanser saved my skin at uni so I’m surprised I’d forgotten all about it til it popped up on sale in Boots. It’s fragrance free, non-comedogenic (doesn’t block your pores) and is really gentle on the skin so can be used if you have conditions such as eczema or psoriasis – I get eczema around my eyes and mouth and when I have a flair up, this is my go-to cleanser as I know it won’t irritate it.

Lancome Renergie Multi-Life Night Cream

Oh Lancome night cream, how I love thee. I got this in my Selfridges Beauty calendar last year (just remembered this will be coming out soon – rejoice!) and started using this after finishing my beloved Eucerin moisturiser that I raved about in the last Skincare For The Shopping List post. I don’t think I’ve ever used such a thick and nourishing face cream – my skin drinks it up and leaves it feeling almost silky. The catch? It’s £67 for the full size. Sob.


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