Fancy Make Up Sponges: Yay Or Nay?

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Say ‘make up sponge’ and I immediately think of those strange triangles you can buy in multipacks in Boots. Back in the day I would attempt to apply make up with these tiny marshmallow imposters, wildly wiping foundation and concealer on my face like I knew what I was doing because I had read a beauty feature in Bliss (#throwback).

The popularity of the humble sponge has been invigorated with the Beauty Blender and the Real Techniques Complexion Sponge and there have been raves galore in the blogosphere so, with the added encouragement of a Boots promotion, I picked up the latter and set to work on my perfect blending mission.

First thing to note – the hygiene issue. Unless you’re dedicated enough to wash the sponge every morning after use (and frankly, who has time for that?!), you are pressing days-old make up on to your face… Pretty grim. If you can get over that little sidenote, read on…

I liked to use the pointed edge to blend concealer under my eyes as it cuddles close to the waterline, while the flat edge worked best on the rest of the face. 

The argument for using these fancy sponges is that they can seamlessly blend your concealer better than your finger, but after lengthy use and a close inspection of my face with the incriminating magnified mirror, I have to say I prefer the ol’ ring finger (behave). 

I find the heat of my fingers warms up the product, which helps it blend into the skin and leave a natural finish. When using the sponge, I used more product and much ended up congealed on the tool and consequently left my face looking a little cakey later in the day.

PS. The first thing you looked at in the image was that creepy white mask, wasn’t it?! Apologies.

What is your opinion on make up blenders?


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