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Before reading this post it is definitely worth noting that I am by no means a photography connoisseur – I am just a small-time blogger that pretends she has a clue what she’s doing with a big ol’ SLR. When I first started this blog, shooting perfect photos was my real achilles heel. I was at uni and struggled for photo-friendly backgrounds and good lighting and I found it so frustrating.

Let’s get the techy bit out of the way: the equipment. I bought a Canon 600D from eBay for a fraction of the retail price which I know was a risk and lots of people warned me against, but it arrived in pristine condition and I couldn’t have been happier. I did some thorough research on cameras before taking the plunge because although it was discounted as it wasn’t brand new, it was still an investment to me and I wanted to make the right choice. In the end, the flip out screen sealed the deal for me as it helps when lining up shots from above, head on and also forward facing (aka, the selfie game).

The best purchase that I could suggest would be a big bit of white card – yes, really! I picked up my A1 piece of cardboard from Hobbycraft for a few pounds and have used it constantly. Although I have some white furniture in my home, a piece of card is easy to lug around into good light and is a good size to shoot larger or multiple items. I bought some beads, glitter and sequins to scatter over the card to vary the images so it isn’t just constantly a solid white background – a cheap and easy way to create variety in your photos.

For blog posts that only require an image of a few or small products, I bought a few pieces of patterned card and also go to home stores like Homebase, where you can rip of samples of wallpaper for free and use for a different background too. You really don’t need to spend a lot of money to produce high quality images that make an impact – there are much better things to spend your pennies on!

To create texture to an image, I like to pile up magazines or books or use items around the house such as my white wicker washing basket tipped on its side. Once you start looking around your home, you’ll start viewing things in a different light – I can’t say I ever thought I would empty my washing basket in order to take a photo of a perfume! Magazine pages are another great source of imagery for a background.

If you are blessed with a photogenic home, you can add depth and variety to photos by creating a pretty set up – anything from a bedside lamp, a bowl of fruit or cushions and blanket. If you focus on the product at the forefront, the background will blur and I love this effect!

What is your top blog photography tip?


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