Afternoon Tea at Sketch

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Sketch is somewhere I’ve wanted to visit for a long time (I’ve been desperate to ‘have a go’ in one of those egg toilets) so I was over the moon when my old job bought me a voucher for afternoon tea for two as my leaving present. 

As an afternoon tea novice, my expectations for the food was pretty much just teeny tiny bites of loveliness but the creativity surrounding each morsel was impressive in itself. See the photo of the tiny parcel wrapped in ribbon? Inside was the smallest mozzarella panini known to man.

Even the crockery was notable – my favourite being the teacup and saucer saying ‘Forget about it’ at the bottom, a set I immediately wanted as soon as I clapped my eyes on it but upon further investigation found it would set me back a three-digit figure – ouch.

The toilets didn’t fail to impress either (yes, really). Each of those little egg pods is a cubicle where a lady speaks to you in a relaxing voice over romantic music, probably making it one of my most enjoyable reliefs to date! 

I would recommend Sketch as a special treat in a heartbeat, perfect for a birthday or Mother’s Day. I took home a doggy bag (why is it called that?!) of cakes leftover as we were stuffed but in true Kirstie style, I sat on them on the tube. Such is life, eh? 


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