Skincare For The Shopping List #2

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After a lovely response to my first ‘Skincare For The Shopping List’ post, I decided to continue the mini series on a monthly basis! I’m usually a firm sceptic on using all products from one skincare range because I think our skin changes so much and is adaptable, but this little post goes against the grain – these five products are ones I’ve been using all month and probably ones I will continue to repurchase.

Sephora Clay Masque

I purchased this in Barcelona’s branch of Sephora, which you can read more about here. This is a gritty, thick clay mask that really drinks up any unwanted oil. I tend to slather it over my T-Zone and let it do it’s magic. Warning – it’s one of those love/hate products where it draws all the impurities from your skin, so expect short-lived spots to follow. It has made a real difference to my skin this month and I have been using it every Sunday.

L’Oreal Skin Perfection Gel-Cream Wash and Micellar Water

Superdrug had a two for £5 offer on L’Oreal skincare so I picked these up as I hadn’t heard much about them. Let’s start with the micellar water – bye bye Bioderma. Although the French pharmacy favourite will always top the list of removers for most, this is easier to get your grubby mitts on, has travel friendly flat packaging and does the job just as well. I love this so much that I have excess stock stashed away (anyone else bulk buy when something’s on offer?!)

The face wash is just as lovely. It starts as a gel consistency, but once massaged into the face becomes a foam that is a quick and easy face wash for morning or night. I’ve been using this in the evening after removing my make up and it leaves my skin feeling soft and fresh.

Eucerin Hyaluron-Filler Moisturiser and Eye Cream

These purchases were an impulse at-the-till buy. Although these usually retail at over £20, for some unknown reason I bagged these at a little over £4 apiece?! I thought perhaps it was old packaging or there was a fault with the labelling but there doesn’t seem to be – lucky me! 

I really like these products. The moisturiser is a thinner consistency to others I usually use but a little goes a long way and your skin instantly drinks it up. I’ve been using this every night for around three weeks and my face feels notably softer and nourished, huzzah! The eye cream is naturally a thicker consistency and, again, feels very nourishing but I’m a little hard to sell on eye creams – how can we really judge their value until we are of wrinkle age?! 

Which skincare products have you been reaching for over the past month?


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