My First AirBnb Experience!

The popularity of Airbnb seems to have exploded in the past year or so as we have all finally realised that it is possible to make that break you’ve been lusting after an affordable trip!

Airbnb is an online holiday rental service where people rent out rooms in their homes or whole apartments or houses. You can find anything from a room in a town house in Scotland to a villa with a pool in Fiji!

When planning a recent trip to Barcelona, which you can see more about here, my friends and I decided to dabble with Airbnb for the first time. After trawling through hundreds of apartments we opted for this absolute stunner of an apartment overlooking the famous Sagrada Familia, which was even closer than it looks in photos!

I simply met up with a friend of the owner in a safe and public place, where he handed over the keys and showed me around and then left me to my own devices. There are so many gems on the website. My top tip would be to go through the reviews on each of the places because they are really telling and shop around – there is so much to pick from! Just don’t hold me responsible for the hours of your life you are about to lose…

Where is your dream holiday location?


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