Oliver Bonas Buys To Tickle Your Pickle

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There’s something that is so appealing about stores that sell a bit of everything. I think it’s partly to do with the knowledge that you’re going to go in and definitely find something you want (although probably don’t need).

Oliver Bonas ticks all the boxes when it comes to shabby chic, vintage loving. In the bigger stores and online you can find furniture, clothes and artwork and in other branches you can get books, jewellery and homeware – what more could you ask for?

I popped into one while I was killing some time recently and perused their sale offerings. I saw this ceramic and copper bowl, which I absolutely adore and you can still buy here. There’s something about the white and copper/rose gold combination that has me reaching for my purse before my brain has even engaged whether I need it!

I picked up two of the bowls as they were on sale for a measly £5 each, envisaging them for my future flat (anyone else do this?!). I’ve been keeping my every day jewellery in one and I’m not sure what I want to do with the other yet so I’ve just put a cute tea light in it for the time being. Do you have any ideas what I could use it for?

At the till, I also picked up a little vintage beauty book entitled ‘Beauty, what it is and how to retain it’. It’s an ideal coffee table book, filled with stories about how women created their look in years gone by and what was perceived as ‘beautiful’. One of my favourites is pouring wine on to your roots and massaging it into your scalp to encourage hair growth – is it just me or does that sound like the best bath time ever?!

What hidden treasures have you found in Oliver Bonas?


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