Head Over Heels For Kiehl’s

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For any beauty lover, there are few things as frustrating as there being a hype around a product or a brand but not being able to get your grubby mitts on it, either because it’s so pricey or really difficult to get hold of. For a long time my student budget couldn’t stretch to the delights of Kiehl’s but I got to sample them in all their glory when I got the Selfridges Beauty Advent Calendar last year, which you can read about here.

I would describe my skin type as ‘unclassified’ or perhaps ‘a pain in the arse’. Sensitive, chip shop oily T-zone whilst also having random dry patches that bases cling to – fit. For this reason I have to mix up my skincare a lot to cater for all its needs, changing between cream cleansers and clay based masks in order to find a good balance.

The Kiehl’s Ultra Facial Cleanser is bloody amazing. The consistency is thick and sticky, most comparable to PVA glue. A little goes a long way so, in my opinion, makes up for the price by cost per use (anyone else ever justify costly purchases in this way?!) When washed off with a flannel, it leaves my skin feeling so clean and tight, even making it appear more luminous. I purchased the full size when Selfridges had their little beauty sale after Christmas, not a huge discount but every little helps.

After I use the cleanser in the evening, I’ve been pairing it with the sample of the Ultra Facial Cream, which I really didn’t want to like (£££) but I really love. It’s such a light consistency that your initial instinct is to pile it on, but using just a little leaves your face feeling really nourishing and like it’s had a good drink.

I’m sorry to be another enabler on the Kiehl’s bandwagon… But this beautiful and soft bandwagon is one you all deserve to jump on.

What is your favourite product from Kiehl’s?


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