‘Twas The Night Before Christmas…

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As I write this, my eyes are streaming, I have a tissue rammed up each nostril and I am drugged up on the every reliable Lemsip. I planned to do a Christmassy make up look post today but given my current state, I don’t think that would be the most attractive of looks. As annoyed as I am about having a horrible cold at Christmas, I’m most annoyed about having a lack of taste buds – I just devoured three mini yule logs and I may as well have chewed the tablecloth.

I’m home at my mum’s for Christmas and she’s something of a decor goddess at the best of times, but really comes into her own over the festive period. This year she’s been even more of a crafty queen than usual and has made a lot of our decorations. With the help of some snow spray and a few wintery walks, she has managed to create simple, beautiful decorations from a few twigs and some pine cones – Pinterest points to you mother.

Aside from the crafty goodness, there’s been baking galore with homemade chocolate Christmas cake, stollen, quiche and so on which will ensure my jeans get that little bit more uncomfortable in time for the new year (taste buds depending). 

I’m enjoying a couple of weeks off work and am certainly not missing my hours of commuting every day. The presents are all wrapped and under the tree and I can’t wait for tomorrow! This year has been eventful to say the least and I will be entering 2015 with a positive mind set, looking forward to the year ahead!

While I’m feeling all mushy and festive, I just want to take the time to thank all you lovely readers for perusing my little corner of the internet over the past six months. It means more than I can say and I hope to grow my blog even more in the coming year!

Here, have a homemade mince pie on me 🙂

Merry Christmas!! xxx


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