Winter Candle Love

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During a recent Saturday spent in Greenwich, which you can read about here, I got a little carried away at the market with all the unique handmade bits and bobs. I ended up buying three candles, one of which I originally bought for a Christmas present but have since decided to keep for myself (oops).

The first is a beautiful bone china Dorchester teacup candle. The lovely lady selling them at the stall told me she makes them with pure-burning soya wax with a lead-free wick, meaning they burn for a long time without cracking the china. I love the vintage look of the floral teacup whilst also omitting a fresh, clean scent while burning. 

Each comes with a hand written label that details the history of the teacup – mine says ‘Vintage 1950s. Fine bone china teacup by Staffordshire pottery Dorchester with classic roses design on footed teacup’. Really cute and unique present idea for £10, or £16 if bought with a saucer. Information about which markets they will be selling at can be found at the Teabird website.

The second two were both from the same stall. These candles are handmade in Clapham by a company called Foundscents. I really liked the packaging of the first candle ‘Winter’. The clean look of the glass jar and the simple text printed on the front really appeals to me. When burning, this smells exactly like what I associate with the festive period – spices, ginger cinnamon and vanilla, or just like a chai latte aka the best thing ever (and only £10!)

The second candle from Foundscents is set within half of a coconut – need I say more?! Sooo aesthetically pleasing for any Pinterest addict. I wandered away from the stall with my Winter candle, trying to convince myself I didn’t need the coconut counterpart. I soon ended up back because, at just £5 too, who could say no to its simplicity?

What are your favourite winter candles?


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