The ‘Why Do I Want This?’ Wishlist

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Sometimes I’m perusing the internet, be it online shopping or browsing blogs, and I’ll see something and immediately get all heart-eye-emoji over it. I always seem to get obsessive over the things I really don’t need and will never ever use or wear, or that I know won’t suit me but I want me a bit of that good stuff anyway. Here are just a few things that have been playing on my confused mind of late…

Fluffy Heels

I. Do. Not. Need. Fluffy. Heels. I barely even wear heels for god’s sake, let alone do I need a pair of the fluffy variety. There’s something just so pretty and classic about them though and I’ve had my eye on this pair from New Look. Can £24.99 be justified for me to wear them around the house?

Leather rucksack

Since the age-old rucksack came back with a fashionable bang, I’ve been intrigued. I was never a backpack kid at school, I was more of the beastly shoulder bag kinda gal, so big that I could probably have hibernated in it. I can’t help but think that I’d look like a giant child wearing one of these – at 5ft 10 I have to consider these things. Of course, if I could have any one I’d have the Oxblood Cara bag by Mulberry because, well, it’s bloody lush (see what I did there).


These are undoubtedly the marmite of recent trends. I’ve never even tried a pair on but given my height, I imagine I’d look like someone whose pyjama bottoms had shrunk in the wash. My beautiful friend Becky did a blog post on them, which you can read here, and she just looks They just look so damn comfortable.

Furry mittens

Why does furry mittens sound like a euphemism? I must grow up soon (nah). Mittens are just about the most impractical things in the world and should be reserved for stopping babies scratching their eyes out. However I can’t feel that my life would be better and warmer if I had this pair from H&M, at least to wear in bed and rub my face on.

Metallic skirt

This probably doesn’t seem strange to you at all but if you know me, this just ain’t me. Cliche as it may sound, I am a strictly monochrome girl – black, white, grey, navy. I don’t know if it’s the festive lover in me rearing its brave head already but I’ve been drawn to all the shininess on the high street like an excitable magpie. I’ve tried a few on, including this golden bombshell from Warehouse, but I remain undecided… Maybe for Christmas party season? Or round the house with my fluffy shoes?

Coloured eyeliner

I’ve seen numerous YouTube tutorials and blog posts of late using coloured eyeliner shades. I think the look really works for some people and is most definitely something new to incorporate into your make up collection – but am I brave enough? I’m not so sure. There’s a fine line (literally) between polished and chic and 80s tribute band…

What items do you lust over but would never buy?



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      Thanks lovely! x

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