Tourist For A Day: London

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A couple of months into my life as a full time employee (just 43 years to go), I’ve finally realised the true meaning of ‘TGIF’ and how precious those two S-days are. I make my weekend plans weeks before, writing them in my diary so I know I have things to look forward to past my desk life.

Last weekend I met up with one of my closest friends from uni and we decided to have a tourist day in London. The aim of the day was to spend as little money as possible and instead to visit all the free attractions one of my favourite cities has to offer.

As luck would have it, I woke up to deafening rain – not part of the plan. This proved to further dampen (see what I did there) our planned day as we headed to the Natural History Museum and the queue was so long it tailed all the way back to South Kensington station and then back on itself – probably around 400 metres?

Instead, we headed into the Victoria & Albert museum opposite which I’d never visited before. What a stunning building, probably the most Instagram-able structure I’ve seen in a while. I loved the fashion displays – it’s interesting and quite funny in my opinion to see how current trends are being recycled from centuries ago.

After we had our fill of history, we went for a wander and ended up in Harrods to explore their Christmas floor (too soon?) and stare wistfully as all the material items we don’t need and will probably never have. It intrigues me to see how the other half live – how some people do their weekly food shop and think it’s completely normal to pay £11 for a loaf of bread. I also found what I would like for Christmas this year – a diamond encrusted panda ornament priced at a measly £37,000… Don’t be stingy.

The Essie Button-effect took hold next as we headed to Bone Daddies to try our first ever bowls of ramen. I went for the Tantanmen 2 (half spice because I’m a wimp) and loved it. I tend to gravitate towards easy foods I know I’ll like when choosing restaurants so was really nice to try something new!

(Creepy creep)

The original plan was not to spend money but then we ended up in Topshop and did some damage on their make up, a blog post about said mini haul will be up soon! My friend managed to get a huge lipstick stain on her white shirt after some serious swatching – cue a made dash to H&M. After that, we headed to Selfridges and, well, that damage can be read about here and here (oops).

(Also, while I’ve got your attention – does anyone know what make up remover they use at the Bobbi Brown counter? I was colour matched for a concealer and had such a horrible reaction to it under my eyes, want to avoid it at all costs in the future!)

I love London and although I work and live relatively nearby, it’s not the same as actually being in the hustle and bustle. I’m hoping to move there before Christmas so watch this space for homeware hauls, decorating and more… *heart eye emoji*



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