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We love Twitter. We love Facebook. Strange to think how this love of sharing personal information has become so centralised to our daily life. Do I care about your takeaway coffee cup? Standing in a queue, scroll. Sitting on the train, scroll scroll scroll. The worst though – out for drinks with friends, scroll through Twitter. Visiting family, scroll through Facebook. The obsession to know what our friends or even strangers are up to on a minute by minute basis has been further encouraged by smartphones – who doesn’t have one these days? Let’s face it, we’re all just too nosey.

I’m fed up of being out with friends and conversation falling on deaf ears because someone is more concerned with online updates of what someone has made for lunch. I’m also fed up of seeing things online which actually annoy me and play on my mind. That’s why, after writing an extremely pretentious and dramatic tweet about my forthcoming absence aka the worst thing to happen to the internet since the YouTube blackout, I deleted the Facebook and Twitter apps from my iPhone and that was that.

Upon deletion I laid on my bed and opened The Man Repeller (kindles < books). About 15 minutes later I finished a chapter, instinctively reached for my phone, unlocked and then… DUN DUN DUNNNNN. ‘Where’s my favourite little birdy?’ I thought to myself. So many times over the past seven days something has happened, or a sudden, obviously hilarious, thought has come to me, and I’ve unlocked my phone thinking how to phrase it in a LOL way in 140 characters. I’ve collated said thoughts in my notes pictured below for your viewing pleasure, as they are clearly so funny I wouldn’t want them to go to waste.

iphone apple twitter facebook apps phone smartphone

Looking at those would-be tweets, I actually cringed and blushed. Who do I think I am? Who cares if I am feeling comparable to a tree? Do I really think I’ll be forever alone? (Lol jk). During my ‘week off’ I spent lots of uninterrupted time with friends and family, read nearly two whole books in the evenings alone and was just all round a hell of a lot more productive than I usually am. 

More than anything, I’ve realised that I don’t actually NEED to know what you’re having for dinner, your perspective on today’s public transport, the funny thing your pet just did or if you’re feeling like a plant (just me). When you’re out and about, put the phone down and spend quality time with the people you love, they’re the moments you’ll cherish when you’re apart and reminiscing. Bed time, however… Scroll scroll scroll…


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  1. Evie Norwood
    August 17, 2014 / 3:14 pm

    I love this, I agree with you completely. I lost my phone for a few weeks and found that when I'd return to my laptop, I'd check what my friends had posted but didn't feel any worse to have missed many days of pointless tweets and Facebook rants from everyone else! Now I think I actually just feel stressed when scrolling through and thinking about how unimportant most of them are to me (but then I still post too so I can't complain too much…) You may have inspired me to give this a go!

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