The Review: Quick Fix Facials

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When things are feeling a bit grotty all up in ma grill, there’s nothing I like more than smothering my face with a good face mask. I have combination skin, which, as well as being a day-to-day pain in the butt, means finding a perfect face mask to do all the jobs is pretty much impossible. I liked the look of these Quick Fix Facials and whilst they retail at £4.99 each in Boots, I found these in the beauty section in TK Maxx for £2.99 – for some reason, people seem to turn their nose up at this store but there are some serious bargains to be had.

Mega Moisture Gel Mask (for dry and thirsty skin)

Placing last in the unofficial 2014 Quick Fix Facials Awards, the concept of this didn’t quite meet what I expect from a face mask. The consistency is like a moisturiser, a good start considering it has ‘moisture’ in its name, and slathers on as a white substance. It smells really fresh but just didn’t wow me at all as it left my skin feeling quite tight and not in the good way. For a moisturising mask, it seemed strange that I had to moisturise afterwards.

Purifying Charcoal Mask (for congested and lifeless skin)

Believe it or not, I’d never actually tried a charcoal mask before this. I’ve always wanted to but they tend to be quite pricey and really I’ve just never got round to buying one. In recent YouTube videos, Lily Pebbles and Amelia Liana have raved about the Sanctuary Spa version *adds to shopping list* but in the meantime I thought I’d give this a go.

I tried this first thing in the morning, much to the amusement/terror of my housemate as he left for work (he should be used to it).You can almost see the impurities being drained from your face, especially on my nose where I’m prone to having blackheads (h8 u forevs blackheadz). For a budget product, it did a good job on my oily T-zone but I think it would be worth splashing out on a higher end product if you’re keen for the effects of a charcoal mask.

Brightening Peel Mask (for dull and even skin tones)

Oh my I LOOOOOVE this mask! When applying, it actually feels like smothering yourself in clear PVA glue which is strange to say the least. As it dried, the same aforementioned housemate described me as looking like I was ‘sweating profusely’ (always full of compliments). After ten minutes it dried completely, leaving me looking like I’d covered my face with clingfilm. I hope I’m not alone when I say that I find peeling so satisfying – I’m that sicko that kinda secretly loves peeling summer skin. My skin felt supple and looked really refreshed afterwards and I’d definitely recommend it *adds to repurchase list*

What are your favourite face masks?


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