The Birthday Post

london selfie liberty vapiano cocktails birthday
Clockwise from top left – birthday selfie, flowers at Liberty London, my delicious pizza, birthday bellini

Clockwise from top left – made a new friend in Leicester Square, Jordan’s new barnet, just your average restaurant bathroom, VS goodies

Yesterday I took one step closer to getting my bus pass and turned 22! I couldn’t get ’22’ by Taylor Swift out of my head all day, obviously. I didn’t have any particular plans so I headed to London with two of my closest friends and housemates Jordan and Cara.

First we hit up Borough Market on the hunt for the giant cookies featured in an old Essie Button vlog – and ohhhhh my they were worth the hunt. After grabbing some iced tea, we made our escape into the rain as the market was rammed (Saturday issues) and ended up in nearby restaurant Vapiano.

We had been to a Vapiano during a trip to Berlin last year and loved it, and it was just as good, if not better than I remembered. After putting myself on a ten-week pizza ban because I was getting seriously addicted, I finally did it and treated myself with a huge prosciutto and mushroom pizza – amazing.

Feeling very full and slightly tipsy (at 4pm), we then headed to Covent Garden where we lost Jordan for a good couple of hours to Ted Baker’s Grooming Room. As soon-to-be graduates, we didn’t plan to do much shopping but you know how it is, one thing led to another and we ended up in Victoria’s Secret… Always a pleasure, maybe not so much for my bank card. After popping into a few other stores, we met up with (a very tipsy) Jordan and headed towards Southbank for drinks… Many many drinks. Let’s just say that the train back to Portsmouth seems like a distant memory.

We didn’t get in til around 1am, but I was surprised with amazing presents – an underwear set from the Rosie for Autograph collection, a monochrome Fiorelli purse and a Ryan Gosling tshirt to name a few (which I am wearing as I write this). I had such a fun, spontaneous birthday, I can’t remember the last time I laughed so much in one day!! My feet however, are still having the last laugh…


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