The Summer Jumper

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The words ‘summer’ and ‘jumper’ are two that fit together in my mind as well as ‘playful piranha’. However, if you live in the UK you will understand the necessity for such items. In sunnier climes, summer means shorts and sandals everyday but unfortunately here it often means umbrellas and boots.

This caught my eye in French Connection whilst on a recent trip to West Quay Shopping Centre in Southampton. The tricksters they are, I was lured in with the huge sales signs but ended up buying this for full price. I’m not sure jumper is exactly the right word as it’s not quite as thick as a generic jumper but too thick to be just a top. Jersey, perhaps?

Either way, it’s the perfect compromise for chillier days whilst still keeping it seasonal with the three-quarter length sleeves and citrus trimming. Although it hasn’t shown well in the photograph, the yellow is a really beautiful pastel shade which compliments the marl grey.

I’m planning to wear this on breezy summer evenings in the pub garden, thrown on with a pair of ripped jeans. I think it’s the perfect piece for that awkward transitional weather we Brits are plagued with!

PS – Just noticed this is now on sale on the French Connection website here. Is there anything more annoying than seeing your clothes in sale?!

What pieces have you recently added to your summer wardrobe ?


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