The Hair Saviour: Sebastian Potion 9

hair sebastian potion 9 saviour product

Back in January, I booked a much-needed hair appointment at
a new local salon. I’ve always hated having my hair cut as I’d never had a cut
that I was completely happy with – my hate most likely stemming from numerous
full-fringe trims which often left much of my forehead exposed (I wish I was

My new hairdresser is fantastic but brutally honest and after cutting and blow drying my hair, he told me it was in terrible condition. After years of straightening the naturally frizzy wild bush which some would refer to as ‘hair’, my barnet was dry and brittle and needed some TLC. This is where my beloved Professional Sebastian Potion 9 comes in. After a telling off by my hairdresser, I was guilt-tripped into buying the product, which can be bought here, and off I scurried home.

Since then, I’ve used it after every wash. After brushing my wet hair, I use one and a half pumps and run it through with my fingers, focussing on the length and using minimal product at the root. As well as being a styling treatment, it also works as a heat defence which I like because I hate my hair feeling weighed down with too many different products. It smells really fresh, almost like something citrus, and a little goes a long way. I recently had my hair trimmed and my hairdresser couldn’t believe the change in my hair and told me he could play with my hair all day *smug face* 

I’m on my third bottle and considering I’ve been using it every wash since January, I think that’s pretty good going. My hair feeling softer, hydrated and looks healthy and shiny even on wash day!

What hair care products can’t you live without?


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