Splurge, spend or save? #1 – Hair masks

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Sometimes, no matter how well you think you’re looking after
your hair, one thing leads to another and the next thing you know it’s like
running your fingers through a haystack. I see hair masks as a lot of fuss,
especially as most tend to come in pots which creates the whole slippery
lid/drowning product situation whilst in the shower. Using a mask every week
can provide that hydration boost that brings hair back to life, more so in the
summer months when the sun has its wicked way on your locks. So, splurge, spend or save?

SPLURGE – Kerastase
Resistance Masque Force Architecte, £22 from Look Fantastic

There has always a hype built up around Kerastase
products and other than one solitary trip to a hairdressers (which, may I add, I
never returned to – short fringe situation
), I had never used anything by the
brand so I had high hopes when the postman knocked on my door.

The product itself smells
amazing, exactly like the luxury scent of a salon. The consistency is thinner than I
expected, almost like that of double cream, making for even further issues in the shower
other than the aforementioned pot problems. Although this did leave my hair
feeling softer, it just didn’t have the wow factor I expected. I tried it for
different lengths of time, even overnight with a sexy turbie towel,
but I just don’t think this justifies the price tag.

SPEND – L’Oreal Hair
Expert Eversleek Absolute Smooth Intense Mask, £7.30 from Boots

Can I just start by saying this smells INCREDIBLE. I’m
terrible at describing scents but the closest comparison I can think of is a
mixture of shea butter and something nutty… I did warn you I’m terrible.

consistency is more typical of what you would expect from a hair mask, thicker
and less messy than its Kerastase counterpart. Even whilst your hair is still
wet, you can feel that this product has done the job and I found my hair was much
less knotty whilst brushing. This mask is silicone free and claims to control frizz
– and I agree. Coming from someone with naturally very frizzy curly hair, I found this made my hair easier to
manage when straightening with a much sleeker result – just like it says on the tin.

SAVE – Herbal
Essences Beautiful Ends Split End Protection Intensive Mask – £3.99 from

Not being able to afford splurging on higher end
products, I was a slave to Herbal Essences products during my teenage years and
binge-bought whenever there was an offer running (still do that for pretty much

This looks exactly like Angel Delight and the raspberry aroma hits
you as soon as you remove the lid. The consistency is thick but doesn’t go very far – I found myself having to use a lot of product each time which
meant a tub didn’t last very long.
A good mask nonetheless, leaving my hair feeling silky and smelling fruity, although I’m sceptical it helped strengthen my ends as promised.

My verdict: SPEND!

What are some of your favourite hair masks?


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  1. Antonella_7694
    June 24, 2014 / 10:24 am

    I love loreal one,use it all the time:)this is such a lovely post!i've found your blog randomly and I really like it:)Following you now,hope you'll do the same:))

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