The Unspoken Essentials


We bloggers love to write about our favourite luxury products, exciting new launches or the items which have proved themselves to be a game changer. We seem to neglect, however, sharing the things we actually couldn't live without - our everyday essentials. In this post, I'm referring the bare basics with our daily routines. No one wants to be as hairy as a moose with teeth like cheese, let's be honest. I can't deny it, I'm really nosey and I'm intrigued as to what your must have daily items are too! Here are the boring but essential items I use on a daily basis which I literally couldn't live without (unless I wanted to become said moose).

1. Gilette disposable razor
2. Dove soap
3. Arm & Hammer whitening toothpaste
4. Wisdom medium toothbrush (I am very particular about my oral hygiene)
5. Superdrug cotton pads
6. Neutrogena Oil-Free moisturiser
7. Cotton flannel
8. Tangle Teezer
9. GHDs (as I have mentioned in numerous posts, my natural hair is a wild frizzy bush of curls)
10. Lip balm (NEED)

What are your must have daily items?

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