The Dilemma of the Double D


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As soon as you even breathe the word ‘feminism’, people often jump ten steps ahead and start making all sorts of assumptions – political do-gooder, men hating, attention seeking nutters. Actually, if you go to the effort of searching for the definition of feminism in the dictionary (I actually used a physical copy, retro) you will find: ‘Feminism - the advocacy of women’s rights on the ground of the equality of sexes’.

Bearing this in mind, let’s proceed to today’s #RantOfTheDay. I love summer for a multitude of reasons – amazing weather, tanned skin, relaxing summer evenings, etc etc. However there is one thing that my hate grows for more than anything as soon as the sun shines, and that, ladies and gentlemen, are my…

Fun bags, melons, jugs, titties - BREASTS!!!

I have been plagued with a chest much larger than my friends' for my whole life, to the point where it has often become part of ‘who I am’ in social circles. Since a shockingly young age, I have been leered at by older men and I know I’m not alone. For those of you who don't know me, I’m constantly conscious about my chest whilst out in public and I NEVER wear low cut tops, tights tops or pretty much anything which accentuates that area because I despise the attention.

More recently I am slowly becoming more accepting of what I am, which in turn has made me more resentful towards the men who in the past, have made ME resent my own natural body. Why should I feel I can’t walk down the road on a hot summer’s day in a casual vest and skirt? In the past couple of months I’ve had two encounters with disgusting men when their jeering has provoked me to the point where I’ve had to respond and that, quite simply, is not fair.

We are quick to judge attitudes in the Middle East, where women face oppression in the most extreme circumstances every single day. Of course, Britain as a whole is much more open minded to women’s rights and equality, but there is seemingly little care for the existing prejudice on the streets of our own villages, towns and cities. I wouldn’t dream of shouting at a guy across the street about his bulging muscles if he had a tshirt on, let alone with it off, so why is it okay for me to be hassled just because I'm a woman with boobs?

If we go full circle back to the idea of feminism... In my opinion, men and women are equal in every respect, making me, by definition, a feminist. Women are amazing, men are amazing, we’re ALLLLL amazing. So can we please leave us big busted girls to mind our own business before I go on a rampage with a spud gun? You have been warned.

PS. #spud


  1. I'm in the exact same boat as you but mine were a small C until I turned 17 and then they ballooned to an E. But I lost 22lbs and dropped to a DD :) Loved reading this! I agree with every sentence and it's well written.

    1. Thanks so much lovely! Sorry for my REALLY late reply, just seen this :) x


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